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We have several projects on the horizon which will offer the opportunity for you to become involved in these efforts, either directly and indirectly. Of course we need resources for funding these endeavors, but there is also a need for various other aspects of creating, developing and implementing these plans.


We are seeking a location where we will establish a Retail Boutique and a Volunteer Center.

The Retail Boutique will serve as the main location where people may donate goods that can be sold, such as household items, furniture, clothing, books, art, collectibles, tools, and any other items that they would like to contribute.

The Volunteer Center will be utilized for conducting interviews of volunteers interested in joining our team. We support, welcome, and encourage volunteers who share the passion and vision of rescuing helpless cats and dogs.

A portion of the proceeds generated from this business will enable us to assist other local independent animal rescue organizations by supplementing their food supply resources when needed, as well as provide funds for emergency veterinary care when possible.

The remaining proceeds from the Retail Boutique will be used to develop the Projects listed on this page.


Our plans include locating and acquiring approximately 3-4 acres of land in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where we will construct a state-of-the-art Rescue Shelter facility to house and rehabilitate cats and dogs while they wait to be adopted.


The Rescue Shelter facility will contain the Adoption Center, where thorough screenings of potential pet owners will be conducted, in order to prevent abandonment of pets after adoption, which unfortunately is a common occurrence. It is not unusual for people to change their minds after adopting pets, when they realize the expense and commitment that is required to care for their pets properly. We will also spend the time necessary, and utilize all methods of investigation available, to ensure that all of the animals that are being considered for adoption are protected from any and all potential exploitation and abuse.


The Education Center will offer a variety of educational tools, training and informational seminars geared towards teaching pet owners about the proper, everyday care of cats and dogs. In addition, we will provide extensive information to those seeking to adopt our cats and dogs, regarding the responsibilities involved in owning a pet which include regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, dental care, nutrition, grooming, and preventative medical care for older animals.


In addition, for those animals who do not get adopted for an extended period of time, due to medical challenges, old age, disabilities and other issues, we will create a Forever Home Sanctuary. Here, these special animals will be able live out the remainder of their lives in a serene, safe and loving home. Indoor and outdoor buildings will be available for the best of both worlds, including a large, multi-level enclosed outdoor cattery with live trees, and all of the benefits of nature. Extensive dog run areas and spacious air-conditioned kennels will be provided for the dogs, allowing for proper exercise and comfort for their enjoyment.

The Forever Home Sanctuary will provide a trained staff who will care for and meet the special needs of these precious creatures during the later periods of their lives. The Forever Home Sanctuary will be located at the same location as the Rescue Shelter, Adoption Center and Education Center, and will be open to the public during business hours for visitation. A Gift Shop Boutique will be connected to the Forever Home Sanctuary, where visitors may purchase pet care items, souvenirs and children’s books.


After spending a serene afternoon visiting the Forever Home Sanctuary, visitors will be delighted with the Gift Shop Boutique, where they may purchase accessory items for their own pets such as leashes, collars, food & water bowls, clothing, treats and toys. The Gift Shop Boutique will also offer souvenir and novelty gift items displaying THE AL PACINO FAMILY ANIMAL RESCUE, INC. logo, including a large variety of items such as coffee mugs, key chains, costume jewelry, dog and cat calendars, t-shirts, hats, duffle bags, figurines, etc.

In addition, animal lovers will also be able to purchase a variety of children’s story books relating to pets and animals, as well as educational animal care books. Lastly, live story-time events where children may attend to listen to books about animals will be held weekly at the Gift Shop Boutique.


You may think that these are very big goals, and you would be correct! But we believe that with the assistance of our communities, friends and families, and all of the people who have the heart, compassion, love and respect for animals the way we do, that together, we can accomplish absolutely anything, and that nothing that is so worthwhile and important is impossible.

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